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Starting A Section

As with any organization, there are a few ‘formalities’ that are required in order to create and run an AES Section.  Fortunately, there are established guidelines and helpful forms to make this easier.

You should refer to the linked paperwork involved in Starting A Section. The procedure for initiating an official AES section is outlined below.

1. Plan & announce a formulative meeting for your group. Use a ‘sign-in’ sheet to gather info at your meeting, and make sure that it includes: Full name, email address, mailing address, phone #, company affiliation, and AES Member #.

Assign someone the task of verifying this on-site via the AES database. If a membership has ‘lapsed’ you can encourage them to renew right there. This is a handy way to get new/re-newed members at every meeting.

You will need min. 10 ‘members-in-good-standing’ to start a new section. This status will be checked at the time of the BOG meeting @ the upcoming convention, so be sure that they are at least paid until end of the calendar year. I highly recommend having more than 10 on your list if possible. I will need a copy of this list with all of the info mentioned to present to the BOG for approval.

2. Assuming that you have a group of at least 10 ‘members-in-good-standing’ present & wanting to start the ___________ Section, do the following:

Together, review carefully the Section Bylaws. Fill in the ‘blanks’ as appropriate, and amend the basics about ‘terms of office’ if your group wishes (e.g. one year vs. two year terms for officers). Take & record a formal vote when discussion has ended. I will need a copy of the approved By-Laws with all of this info included.

Nominate & elect ‘temporary’ officers to the post of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, & Committeeperson(s). One must be a current associate or full member to be eligible for election and to vote. These ‘temporary’ officers can continue in their role after section approval for the duration of whatever term that you have specified in the by-laws. I will need a list of these new officers (office, names, email, mail, phone, AES Member #).

3. You should discuss your Section Planning for the first year (frequency, time, place for meetings) and general topics of interest to pursue, a sort of, ‘outline’ of what you intend to do in the next 12 mos. This is what you can put into your letter of intent, along with anything else that seems relevant. It is especially important to formulate a Section Budget for how you intend to finance your section’s operation. You should encourage corporate/institution involvement in underwriting this, and make use of in-kind donations. And, of course, I will need a copy of this letter to present to the BOG.

This may seem like a lot to do, however, you should realize that this is the groundwork for developing a successful AES Section. Once your Section has been approved by the BOG, you will want to continue to provide regular updates of your activities via a Section Meeting Report. I will be pleased to be able to assist you through this process, and hope for many rewarding years ahead.


Jim Kaiser, AES VP Central Region USA/Canada

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