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Hey… we can all use some help to keep our section running, so here are some meeting ideas that you are free to use…and please add to the list!

Interested in knowing more about microphones and stereo micing techniques?

Learn from one of the masters… invite renowned stereo recording expert Ron Streicher, also an AES Past-President, to speak to your group.  Click on this link for more info.

Some general thoughts on meeting ideas… based on my experience, and what I have heard that others do.

First of all, solicit ideas within your group, and from those who you would like to interest in participating.  No one size fits all, but here are some time-tested tips.

1. Tours of new (or old) facilities always seem to be crowd-pleasers. Good attendance & stimulating ideas are generated, and everyone seems to have a good time too.  Look around your community for performance halls, museums, arenas, broadcast stations, etc. to find prospects.  Most of these operators are anxious to have someone to ‘show off to’, and have much to offer in the way of experience & education.

2. Topics in the news generate interest. The digital TV transition is upon us, and it is on the minds of many, regardless of age.  Visit a TV station that is making the jump… they will be happy to tell your membership all about it (and maybe provide refreshments to boot!).

3. Demonstrations of new product & ideas make for an interactive experience. You will find local dealers/integrators/music stores/etc. to be anxious to bring awareness to an audience.  They are also connected to the manufacturers that may be traveling to an area, and could take time to make a meeting presentation.

4. Consider developing topics that can be ‘rerun’ periodically, so that every year you have a particular month where your group revisits a topic (this could fit well with the ‘tours’ approach, e.g.).  If it was a ‘hit’ once, it is probably good enough to do again (perhaps with some variation).

5.  Remember to capitalize on the ‘social nature’ of engineer-types, and include some activities that are merely fun & enjoyable, and not necessarily educational.  Gathering for coffee, drinks, or… bowling… can be a way to bring people out when they might otherwise be ‘busy’.

Let me know what you think, and please add your comments below… what has worked (or not) for your section?

Jim Kaiser

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  1. canudvd said

    Please add your experiences to the ‘great meeting ideas’ list!

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