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Things to do @ the 127th AES Convention in NYC…

Posted by canudvd on September 30, 2009

I am hoping that those of you who will be attending the 127th AES Convention in NYC will add a few important items to your ‘must-do’ list while there.

1.  Look for me at any of the various meetings or ‘on the exhibit floor’, and please introduce yourself!

2. Approach exhibitors & inquire if they may be willing to come speak to your local section. You’d be surprised how many are anxious for this chance, and just need a little coaxing.  Many will offer to do so at little or no cost to your section too!

3.  Apply suggestion #2 with those who are presenting papers, workshops, tutorials, etc. There is an amazing array of opportunities for interesting local meetings just waiting at every AES convention.

4.  Get acquainted with other ‘specialists’ at any of the Technical Committee or Standards meetings. These are OPEN to all attendees, regardless of membership status.  This is a great chance to confer with some of the brightest minds in the audio industry today.  A full listing of meeting times is available on-site.

5.  Plan to attend & participate in the Regions & Sections Meeting on Sunday 9AM-11AM. Come share your ideas & learn from other section leaders how to make your section’s experience even better.  Francis Rumsey, Regions & Sections Chair, will lead this discussion, which will include presentations by Regional VP’s and other section leaders (like yourselves).

6.  Don’t miss the Heyser Lecture on Sunday @ 7PM! This year’s distinguished lecturer is the legendary Phil Ramone, who will treat you to his insightful ‘Technology and Music Meet Again”.

I am looking forward to seeing (and meeting) you there!

– Jim Kaiser

One Response to “Things to do @ the 127th AES Convention in NYC…”

  1. Greetings Fellow Sections,
    The Recording Arts Program at Flashpoint Academy in Chicago is excited to announce that we recently became an official section in June and we are excited to be apart of this incredible organization and all of the resources AES has to offer. We are already planning a full agenda for the year and hope to learn from the successes of other fellow student and regional sections.
    A few of our committee will be in attendance at this year’s conference and we look forward to meeting as many of you as we can.
    Elena Rubin, Chair

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